DIY: Skin-changing and cellulite-fighting coconut coffee scrub

By She's in the Glow

The closest I have ever gotten to DIY experimentation is playing around with tropical wonder, coconut oil. While I may not be the most adventurous, I have discovered that there are soooo many unconventional ways to make use of coconut oil.

Recently, a friend and former Glow Girl gave me another tip to add to the coconut oil DIY list: The Coconut Coffee Scrub. This glorious self-made concoction actually works and is cheap too.

What you'll need:

  • Extra-virgin, organic and pure coconue oil

  • Ground coffee beans

This is how you can create, at home, one of the most magical body scrubs:

  1. Swing by the grocery store to buy extra-virgin, organic and pure coconut oil for the best beautifying results. My favorite is La Tourangelle.

  2. Then, grind up some coffee beans you have around the house (or buy them pre-ground). I used Stumptown coffee because it's the best coffee in the universe, and I am in there every single day

  3. In your shower or bath (do not combine outside because this makes a huge mess), and on dry skin, combine a small scoop (about 2 TBSP) of your favorite coconut oil with a large scoop (about 1/2 cup) of fresh, caffeinated coffee grounds until the grounds are completely soaked with the oil. You'll want this scrub to be exfoliator-heavy, so if it's feeling too watery, add more coffee.

  4. For an exfoliating treatment, firmly rub your whole body head to toe, focusing on those rough spots like the back of your arms, elbows, knees and feet.

  5. Then sit down in the shower and wait. I like to wait ten minutes. You can even get crazy and combine it with a power face or hair mask. So I don't die of boredom, I will rinse and dry my hands, grab my phone and scroll through Instagram or check my emails. You know, do whatever makes you happy.

  6. For a cellulite reducing treatment, firmly rub into affected areas using circular scrubbing motions. Continue for at least 5 minutes on each area. For added benefits, wait another 5-10 minutes post scrubbing to let everything dry. Again, in order to see dramatic results, you really have to do this at least every other day.

  7. Now, after you have waited, rinse, dry and apply your favorite lotion or oil and feel better already.

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