CNN anchors used Microsoft Surface tablets as iPad stands



CNN anchors used their Microsoft Surface tablets during election night coverage, but only to prop up their iPads.

The cable news channel had the Surface tablets prominently displayed in front of each anchor and panelist on during Wednesday night's telecast, but many preferred the more ubiquitous Apple tablet.

This is the latest in a number of setbacks Microsoft has had in trying to gain traction in the Apple-dominated tablet market.

As seen from the main camera angle, CNN on-air talent appeared to be happily tapping away on their shiny new Surface tablets.

But the jig was soon up when different camera angles were used.

Chief White House correspondent Jake Tapper was most notably seen pecking away on his iPad, stashed behind a Surface, while other panelists talked on-camera.

Other members at the CNN desk were seen with iPads, but only Tapper was caught actively using it.

Bing announced earlier this year a partnership with CNN involving the network's signature "Magic Wall" for covering elections. It is not known if that agreement extended to use of tablets by on-air talent.

Earlier this year, Microsoft was infuriated when play-by-play announcers referred to Surface tablets being used on NFL sidelines by players and coaches as iPads.

The company forced the league to conduct training sessions educating network staffers on how to refer to the devices because it paid millions for the devices to be on the field – but not while being referred to as iPads.

A Microsoft spokesperson declined comment when reached by AOL News.

Surface Tablets Used as iPad Stands During CNN Election Coverage
Surface Tablets Used as iPad Stands During CNN Election Coverage

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