Woman falls for the anonymous sperm donor who gave her a daughter

Woman Falls For Sperm Donor Who Gave Her A Child
Woman Falls For Sperm Donor Who Gave Her A Child

Attention romance writers everywhere! We've found a potential plot for your next novel: An Australian woman ends up in a loving relationship with the anonymous sperm donor who gave her a daughter.

After losing two sons to a rare genetic disorder, newly-single Aminah Hart decided to try in vitro fertilization, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports. The procedure worked, and the 42-year-old delivered baby Leila on August 12, 2012.

One of the most obvious differences between Leila and her mother is Leila has blue eyes and blonde hair, while Aminah is half West Indian and has much darker features.

That got Aminah's mother, Helen, interested in figuring out the identity of Leila's biological father. After some Google sleuthing, she had a name: Scott Andersen. Andersen is a father of four (now, five!), an AFL coach and a cattle breeder.

With the help of the fertility clinic, Aminah got in touch with Scott, and the two began sending emails back and forth. Scott asked Aminah if he could meet his biological daughter, and the first meeting went so well Aminah allowed him to visit Leila every few weeks. Eventually, they started meeting up weekly -- then twice a week.

Before long, Aminah fell for her daughter's father.

They aren't quite sure who initiated the first kiss ('I was so nervous, I forgot!,' Scott laughs), but they did finally admit their feelings for each other and went in for a smooch.

That Christmas, Aminah, Scott, and Leila spent the holiday as a family. More than ten months later, they continue to see each other multiple times a week. Aminah says Scott gave her more than just a beautiful daughter -- he's given her a new beginning.

To learn more about Aminah and Scott's story, head over to abc.net.au.

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