Remember these vintage candies?

November 4 is National Candy Day and we're celebrating by taking a look back at candies of the past and a few new trends with the queen of candy herself, Dylan's Candy Bar's Dylan Lauren. The iconic sweets shop owner sells more than 200 nostalgic items, some of which they've actually relaunched.

Check out the slideshow below to see how many of Lauren's favorite candies you remember and to find out which popular candy no longer tastes the same.

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Remember these vintage candies?

Candy buttons

"I love the look of candy buttons," explains Lauren. "And I think it is fun eating them off paper."

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Original Twizzlers

Twizzlers actually changed its formula. Lauren misses the old version which had a harder texture. 

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Broadway Rolls

Broadway Rolls used to be called Delfa Rolls and Lauren loves them because they are like licorice but chewier.

Image Credit: Fresch

Charleston Chew

"People have different ways of eating them — some people freeze them, some people crack them, some people melt them," says Lauren. "I think people love the graphics on them, the bright bold fonts. Whenever we talk about nostalgia, people immediately remember them."

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Valomilk and Mallo Cups

"I just love marshmallow and vanilla," exclaims Lauren.

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Fruit Stripes

"Fruit Stripes are probably one of the most nostalgic to me because of the tattoos you get with them," shares Lauren.

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Lauren used to collect the original Bazooka comics. 

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Bonomo Turkish Taffy

Dylan's Candy Bar actually helped relaunch Bonomo Turkish Taffy. "It had disappeared after the '60s and then we brought it back in the '90s," she says. She remembers her mom talking about the candy growing up.

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Wax Lips

Believe it or not, but wax lips are still big! Even better, new takes on wax lips are growing in popularity -- such as wax mustaches.

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Astro Pop

Dylan's Candy Bar also helped bring back the ever popular Astro Pop.

Image Credit: Alamy

Pop Rocks

"I think people have this weird pop culture [belief] that you die eating Pop Rocks and soda -- that whole myth. Pop Rocks are really underrated. They are great for people on diets because they last a long time and play with your tongue," says Lauren.

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Candy Cigarettes

"Parents get a little scared of kids being influenced by candy cigarettes, but they've been around forever," says Lauren. She loves the fun packaging.

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Next generation: Tootsie Rolls

A new trend Lauren has noticed is new flavors for old favorites. "Tootsie Rolls are not just about chocolate and vanilla. They are about strawberry and banana [now]. There are a lot of evolutions and sometimes the classics get overshadowed."

Getty Images: Alamy

Next generation: Sour Patch Kids

Like Tootsie Rolls, Sour Patch Kids are part of an evolution -- they continue to come in new formats -- like Sour Patch gum. Lauren predicts that there might be Sour Patch lollipops next.

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Next generation: Dark chocolate and gluten-free candy

"I think the future is probably more [focused on] healthy properties within candy," explains Lauren. Parents are introducing their kids to dark chocolate earlier and gluten-free candy may even rise in popularity. 

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Next generation: Hot Tamales jelly beans

Trending now in the candy world is spicy candy. Lauren explains that gummy chili peppers and chocolate with peppers in it are selling well.

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