Outsized CVS receipts lead to brilliant Halloween costume


Online grumbling about absurdly-long receipts from CVS inspired one shopper to make a brilliant Halloween costume.

A Reddit user who goes by the name Lord_Nugget posted a picture of his custom CVS receipt costume to the site. The striking picture has since taken the Internet by storm.

"Dear CVS, thank you for giving me a 3 foot long receipt when I bought some TicTacs," he wrote. "It was the inspiration for my Halloween costume."

The comical costume was printed on about 20 pieces of 11 x 17 paper that were taped together on poster board," he explained.

He then put wire on the back to hold it up and covered the entire costume in packing tape so "it wouldn't rip."

The brilliant costume cost about $15, he boasted.

The costume came as mounting backlash against the retailer's outsized receipts has reached an online froth in recent months.

Pictures posted to social media show receipts more than a foot long, often only for a single item.

A CVS spokesperson explained last year to the Boston Globe that the receipts are longer than most because of the retailer's consumer loyalty program.

"Our championship shoppers are going to get championship receipts," chief marketing officer Rob Price told the paper.

Price also insisted CVS is working to cut down on the receipts' length, but the effort has fallen mostly on deaf ears.

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