Nurse picks up tab, starts pay-it-forward chain

Nurse Picks Up Tab, Pay-It-Forward Chain Starts
Nurse Picks Up Tab, Pay-It-Forward Chain Starts

We know these pay-it-forward stories keep cropping up, but man, they feel good every time, don't they?

Here's another one that'll make you feel good inside. A nurse picked up the tab for a father and son at a diner in Barre, Vermont, and a pay-it-forward chain started.

WCAX reports, "The woman's simple gesture sparked an incredible response ... One customer to the next started paying the bills of strangers."

L&M diner customers said, "We just came in and got some lunch and breakfast, and we were told our order was taken care of."

Close to 40 tables paid it forward Saturday. The nurse, Kathleen Connors, works nights at Central Vermont Medical Center. The Times Argus reports she's a regular at the diner.

She told us on the phone this wasn't the first time she has paid it forward, but for some reason, this act of kindness just took off.

"The woman ... said she thought of her sister, a single mom, when she decided to pick up the check for the father and son."

Restores your faith in humanity a little bit, doesn't it?

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