Missouri Governor's unintentionally hilarious Election Day tweet goes viral

Jay Nixon tweet
Jay Nixon tweet


A tweet sent by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon's campaign team went viral, but for all the wrong reasons.

The early morning tweet showed Nixon and another voter sitting at a polling station in Jefferson City, the state capital, but that woman caught the attention of the entire Internet, even trending under the hashtag #ButtCrackGate.

"Voting in #jcmo this morning. Make sure to cast your ballot & make your voice heard #Election2014," said the tweet.

The photo above the pro-voting message showed the backs of both the governor and a woman, who were sitting at a table casting their ballots.

Nixon was characteristically wearing a suit, but the woman sitting next to him wore jeans which exposed a portion of her backside.

Twitter immediately erupted in laughter.

Staffers eventually took down the unintentionally hilarious tweet and replaced it with a more generic-looking one just after 11:00 a.m.

No further comment has been provided.

Editor's note: The word heavyset was removed from a description about the woman sitting next to Missouri Governor Jay Nixon