Man charged $3,750 for wine he thought cost ... $37.50

Man Charged $3,750 for Wine He Thought Cost ... $37.50
Man Charged $3,750 for Wine He Thought Cost ... $37.50

Well, this guy might have something to whine about.

A man dining at Bobby Flay's restaurant in Atlantic City ordered a bottle of wine about a week ago and says he was told the wine cost "thirty-seven fifty."

He says that's what the waitress said out loud, and he thought it cost $37.50. But when he and his table got the bill, the wine was listed as $3,750 -- three thousand, seven hundred and fifty dollars.

The Star-Ledger spoke with the man, Joe Lentini, who said he doesn't know much about wine and had asked the waitress to recommend a bottle. He couldn't believe the final bill.

The restaurant staff says it verified the bottle request with Lentini.

So, two sides to the story here. It's a he-said-she-said, and ultimately Lentini and his table had to negotiate with the bill -- they agreed to pay $2,200 for the bottle. That's still nearly 59 times more than he thought he'd be spending.

The restaurant does feature many expensive wine bottles -- dozens cost several hundred dollars, and there's even a bottle of wine on the menu for $30,000.

That's definitely up there -- look at how it compares to's ranking of the world's most expensive wines by their average prices.

Individual bottles can get even more expensive, though -- in 2010 Mental Floss went over the most expensive wines ever sold.

The list included a bottle that cost $310,700 -- about 100 times the price of Lentini's.

According to Lentini, as he was drinking the wine it didn't taste particularly outstanding. That it might be a super expensive bottle didn't strike him. So what exactly makes expensive wine stand out? explains wine gets pricier when it's aged longer, based on what type of barrel it's aged in and based on where it's grown.

Bottom line: Drink up, but make sure you get a good, sobering look at the price tag.

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