Couple loses nearly 400 lbs., weds in hospital where they met

Couple Loses Weight, Finds Love
Couple Loses Weight, Finds Love

When Crysta Danaher and Bill Anderson tied the knot, they were in a very unlikely place: a hospital.

The duo met in a support group for bariatric surgery patients, and as they lost 380 lbs., they gained something very special -- love.

Anderson had his surgery in 2008 and Danaher had her surgery at the same hospital, Michigan's Henry Ford Wyandotte, in 2009.

They had their first date on Nov. 1 in 2011, and exactly two years later, Anderson purposed.

Appropriately, they married exactly two years after that in the same room they met inside the Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital. "Multi Purpose Room A" might not sound romantic to you, but for Crysta and Bill, it was the perfect spot.

Tanya Moutzalias photographed Crysta Danaher and Bill Anderson on their special day. The officiant at the ceremony was Mary Suiter. Suiter was also an appropriate choice, as she's a yoga instructor, and the couple is incredibly health-conscious.

They told the Detroit Free Press they've worked together to keep a humble and healthy diet.

So, will they splurge on the honeymoon? Crysta told the Detroit Free Press that they'll probably "try things [they] shouldn't."

Here's hoping they allow themselves to indulge, hold the side of guilt.

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