Bill Clinton photobombs sad little girl

Bill Clinton Photobombs Sad Little Girl
Bill Clinton Photobombs Sad Little Girl

If retweets were votes, we know one candidate who would be very, very happy.

Reddit user Fieldblazer posted this photo of former President Bill Clinton photobombing a sad little girl while campaigning on Sunday.

Clinton was reportedly in Texarkana, Arkansas rallying for Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor. While the little girl didn't seem to have the same enthusiasm for Pryor, Bubba couldn't let the moment pass.

And the Internet loved it. Twitter users threw the photo around, praising the president. Mashable even called him a "photobomb extraordinaire" and others dubbed it the "perfect presidential photobomb."

We should know by now that if Slick Willy can't get a selfie, he'll find his photo op on his own.

During the inauguration last year, the comeback kid photobombed Kelly Clarkson as she took the stage to sing. Don't ever change, Bill. Don't ever change.

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