Yacht where Natalie Wood was last seen alive up for sale

Yacht 'Haunted' By Natalie Wood Up For Sale
Yacht 'Haunted' By Natalie Wood Up For Sale

The owner of the yacht where actress Natalie Wood was last seen alive says it's haunted by her spirit. Now, he's looking to sell it.

As Radar Online reports, Rob Nelson, the current owner of the Splendour, claims he's had several unexplained encounters with the ghost of the Hollywood starlet. He says, "I've been hurt twice on the boat mysteriously. Weird falls. It's just like my feet came out from under me and I fell."

At one point he claims he felt someone sit down next to him on a bed.

Another, easier to swallow, explanation of why Nelson is selling the boat is the yacht was damaged in a recent hurricane.

Wood was on the boat in November 1981 off the coast of Los Angeles with her husband, Robert Wagner, and fellow actor Christopher Walken. The Splendour's captain claims Wood and Wagner were in a heated argument, and then the following morning her body was found more than a mile away from the boat. She was just 43.

The "Rebel Without A Cause" star's death was initially ruled as an accidental drowning but was recently changed to "drowning and other undetermined factors."

Nelson, a former flight attendant, purchased the 60 foot yacht in 1986.

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