Three very big secrets from the set of the 'Big Bang Theory'

Three Very Big Secrets From the Set of 'The Big Bang Theory'
Three Very Big Secrets From the Set of 'The Big Bang Theory'

TV's number one comedy The Big Bang Theory kicked off its eighth season this year, and ET's Kevin Frazier was on set to get some juicy gossip from the show's stars.

#1: Is Kaley Pregnant?

Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco, who play engaged couple Leonard and Penny on the show, talked with Frazier about their on-screen relationship, but the conversation quickly turned to Cuoco's real-life romance.

The actress married tennis player Ryan Sweeting at the end of last year, and baby rumors are beginning to fly.

"I knew I shouldn't have worn this!" Cuoco laughed about her choice of a loose draped blouse, as pregnancy talk started immediately.

"The short haircut isn't helping the pregnancy rumors by the way," Galecki teased, pointing out Cuoco's new pixie cut.

The actress fired back, "What does that mean?"

Galecki attempted to answer, "I don't know. Women always seem to get their hair cut...they don't...I don't know...I'm staying out of it," before thinking better of it and trailing off. Classic Leonard.

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#2: The Secrets of Sheldon's Seat

When Frazier asked Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik, nerdy couple Sheldon and Amy on the show, for some set secrets, they pointed him to Sheldon's "special spot," a seat on the couch that the character believes is optimally oriented for his sitting pleasure (and no one else's!).

"There was an episode where something got on that cushion," Parsons dished. "It was so established, that they were very scared they would ruin the cushion, so they made a whole other cushion."

Parsons showed ET the fake pillow which surprised even Bialik, who exclaimed, "I didn't even know that and I sit on it!"

"We rehearse with this so that we don't ruin the other one," Parsons revealed.

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#3 Indecent Exposure

Frazier's conversation with Simon Helberg (Howard), Kunal Nayyar (Raj), and Melissa Rauch (Bernadette) got off the rails quickly, as Helberg thought Frazier was asking for "sex secrets" from the cast.

"This is highly uncomfortable, you guys," Rauch laughed. "I'm calling HR."

Nayyar admitted to ET that he sometimes cracks himself up on set.

"I mean, I usually say the funniest jokes," he teased. "So when I say them, I laugh."

Helberg, who plays raunchy engineer Howard Wolowitz on the show, couldn't stop thinking about "sex secrets," and found one of his own while the interview was going on.

"As he was talking, I checked myself and my fly is undone and it has been this whole time," he admitted. "So that's my secret. My fly is always undone."

"Is it really?" deadpanned Rauch, Helberg's TV wife. "I never noticed that."

"It's the most exciting part of me," Helberg joked. "Why cover it up?"

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