T-Pain shows off his voice sans auto-tune on 'WWHL'

T-Pain Shows Off His Voice Sans Auto-Tune On 'WWHL'
T-Pain Shows Off His Voice Sans Auto-Tune On 'WWHL'

On "Watch What Happens Live," T-Pain tuned us in - to his real voice.

He sang to guests Caroline Manzo and Michelle Williams, who guessed random items in a game called "Let T-Pain Explain."

Even host Andy Cohen got in on the singing.

"This thing is prickly, and it grows in the desert..."


"Oh you got it, Aww yeah."

"It's a cornucopia..."

Who would think that T-Pain didn't need his trusty auto-tune?

Earlier this week, he sat down with NPR and performed several of his famous songs without it. Though he mentioned beforehand that the experience was "weird as hell for him."

A writer with Paper called the performance surprisingly good.

"The lyrics are all still pretty silly, but T-Pain's voice is good enough that we don't even really care -- which is a sentence no one ever thought they'd even think."

It wasn't a surprise to everyone, though.

A writer for VICE says that T-Pain, largely considered the "King of Auto-Tune," isn't stupid and wouldn't take the challenge if he couldn't perform.

"... while the collective internet is freaking out about this revelation, anyone who's ever seen T-Pain perform live should know that he's always been more man than machine."

So if you're curious about hearing more from T-Pain, his newest album, titled "Happy Hour: The Greatest Hits," drops November 4.