'Supernatural' crater lakes of Indonesia

'Supernatural' Crater Lakes of Indonesia
'Supernatural' Crater Lakes of Indonesia

The top of Mount Kelimutu, a volcano in Indonesia, is truly an amazing sight to behold ... when it's not covered in thick fog, that is.

The crest of the volcano has three strikingly different colored crater lakes. One is known as the Lake of the Old People, or, the blue one. Local lore says its the place where good spirits of the old go to rest. The young, hip souls end up in the green Lake of Young Men and Maidens.

The sometimes blood-red, sometimes green lake called the Bewitched or Enchanted Lake is for the bad spirits. Two of the lakes are separated by just a small crater wall, making for a very contrasting image.

Scientists believe the lakes change colors because of chemical reactions from minerals found in the lakes.

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