Students blow off some steam by drawing their professors



Doodling in class and giving professors mustaches, horns and other unfavorable features is a favorite pastime for students around the world -- but now, they're putting it online.

A new website called Draw Your Professor invites students to -- you guessed it -- draw their professors, but they can only use Microsoft Paint tools. The masterpieces are then shared on the site and users and rate others' works.

This isn't the first professor-reviewing site out there, but it's definitely the most creative. Rate My Professors is a popular service that lets students rate their professors on scales like helpfulness, clarity, easiness -- and "hotness." More importantly, students can log on and get a feel for a professor before registering for his or her class.

Aside from a few quote bubbles and captions, it's hard to take any valuable information away from Draw Your Professor "reviews" -- except for some pure fun.

Some talented students produce some serious works of art. Others go a different route and use the site as a cathartic way to "roast" their professors.

See some of our best picks, taken from the website's Instagram account.

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