Roundup of the wackiest candidates in the 2014 midterm elections

The Wackiest Candidates Of 2014
The Wackiest Candidates Of 2014

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In the lead up to November 4th we've met a ton of candidates, many of whom won't make it to their desired office. And that's OK because we can still remember many of them for the extra "color" they brought to campaigning.

Take John Burkhalter, for instance. He is running for lieutenant governor in Arkansas, but before he took on politics, he was taking off his clothes.

The Democrat revealed he was a stripper who went by the name "Metro Express" while living in Little Rock and said he was trying to make his way in life.

This might be surprising given his, eh, current shape...but back then he was reportedly big into body building.
We know Florida can get a little crazy...and its politicians are no exception.

Jake Rush is running for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. But this conservative has a wild side. Like vampire and demon wild.

He's a member of the "Mind's Eye Society," a live-action role-playing group that pretends to be supernatural creatures that you've probably only seen in a Terence Fisher Film.

Who's next?

Joni Ernst really opens strong with her campaign video.

Another point for the Republicans.

Moving on to Mark "Coonrippy" Brown.

He might not look like your typical candidate... Let's be honest, he doesn't look like an ordinary anything. His hobbies include: showering with his raccoon, Rebekah, advocating for guns and definitely NOT shaving. Republicans are looking pretty good this year.

And to wrap it up let's just go ahead and throw in anyone from the Gubernatorial Debate in Vermont.

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