Murder-suicide by jealous ex-boyfriend leaves two dead outside Long Island bar



Two Long Island men are dead and a woman is heartbroken after her ex-boyfriend killed her current boyfriend and then committed suicide in front of her.

Michael Skiadas fatally shot Frank Panebianco, 28, and then turned the gun on himself Sunday night only feet from Jessica Kasten, 28, in Port Jefferson station, said police.

Kasten previously dated Skiadas and was in a relationship with Panebianco. Kasten and Panebianco were leaving a bar around 11:20 p.m. when the incident occurred as one of Skiadas' friends tried to calm him down, according to police.

Skiadas is believed by police to have confronted the couple in the parking lot before racing back to his jeep to retrieve a shotgun.

Jack Schneider, a friend, desperately tried to calm Skiadas down but instead was whacked in the head with the shotgun, cops said.

Panebianco and Kasten attempted to drive away from the argument, police said, but Skiadas ran after and fired two shots at them.

One of the shots struck Panebianco in the torso, he was later pronounced dead.

"The ex-boyfriend hit the friend in the head with a shotgun, ran up to the fleeing car, fired at the car twice, killing the new boyfriend," Det. Lt. Kevin Beyrer told WCBS.

Skiadas then returned to his jeep, reloaded the shotgun and killed himself, authorities said.

Schneider was treated at a nearby hospital for non-life threatening injuries, according to police.

Kasten was uninjured, but her world has been shattered.

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