Man 'surfs' on whale carcass while surrounded by sharks

Aussie Daredevil Rides Dead Whale
Aussie Daredevil Rides Dead Whale

A 26-year-old man in Perth, Australia, is getting quite a bit of attention after he climbed on top of a dead whale, Sky News reports. The daredevil, identified as Harrison Williams, had been out on a boat with friends when he witnessed the carcass floating in the open ocean.

Not long after spotting it, Williams jumped off the side of the boat, swam over to the whale and climbed on its back. He didn't seem to be fazed by a great white and several tiger sharks that were swimming around the dead creature.

His friends steered the boat close to the carcass, allowing Williams to jump back on board. He later spoke to Perth News about that stunt, saying he didn't believe he was in danger because the sharks were too busy munching on the whale to bother with a human.

Police will not issue Williams a fine because the whale was already dead when he climbed on its back, and he didn't remove anything from the carcass.

While Williams seemed pretty pleased with himself, he told CNN affiliate Seven Network that his mom "thinks I'm an idiot, and dad's not too proud either."

Man 'Surfs' On The Back Of Whale Carcass Surrounded By Tiger Sharks
Man 'Surfs' On The Back Of Whale Carcass Surrounded By Tiger Sharks

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