Kendall Jenner will celebrate 19th birthday with 'intimate party'

Kim Kardashian Wasn't Invited to Kendall Jenner's Birthday Party
Kim Kardashian Wasn't Invited to Kendall Jenner's Birthday Party


Forget clubs and craziness, Kendall Jenner will enjoy a low-key birthday!

The reality star-turned-runway model turned 19 years old on Monday and kicked off her birthday celebrations in Beverly Hills at a low-key lunch with her sisters Khloé and Kourtney, mom Kris, and her aunt.

But that's not all the Karadashians have planned for her special day. Earlier on Monday, Khloé dished to AOL at the launch of HPNOTIQ Sparkle, that their plan was to fete Kendall with a personal bash at home.

"Tonight she's having a little party. It's not with a bunch of people. We do more intimate things like that and still have fun and let loose. You have more fun that way when it is in a smaller group," Khloé revealed. "I got her a gift ... it's a purse."

The 30-year-old star also said she likes to get her little sis a couple of fun gifts too. "I send her things throughout the day. She's like me – she's goofy like me. I get her balloons."

Kendall certainly has plenty of accomplishments to celebrate this year. She's stormed the runway around the world in shows for Marc Jacobs and Chanel, landed her first campaign for Givenchy, and has successfully transitioned from TV star to fashion favorite.

"It's been so out of control in such a great way. Kourtney and I were in hair and makeup the other day and we were looking at a magazine and she said, 'That girl looks just like Kendall.' I was like, that is Kendall,'" Khloé said of her sis's ascent in the fashion world. "She works hard. She's gone for sometimes a month and modeling is a lonely world. You are always alone and traveling, so I know it is hard on her."

While Kendall is certainly growing up fast, Khloé assured us that she's still a grounded teen. "She's such a good person. When she's home, she likes to be with her family and keep normalcy and her routine that she does and I love that about her."

Happy birthday, Kendall.