'I hate Fox News!': Latest 'sexy convict' attacks man dressed as reporter for Halloween


A Fox News-hating California man's mug shot has become the latest Internet craze.

Sean Kory, 29, of Santa Cruz, is accused in the bizarre assault of a man dressed like a news anchor for Halloween.

Kory shouted, "I hate Fox News," before attacking the unidentified man, sources told KPIX.

He then grabbed the poor fella's prop microphone and used it to rub his crotch, police said.

Kory, in an even stranger turn, then attacked him with a tennis racket, said cops.

The victim then fled his dreadlocked attacker before calling police.

His green-eyed gaze into the camera for the ensuing mug shot then set the Internet ablaze.

Many people compared him to 30-year-old Jeremy Meeks, known earlier this year as the "hot convict" after his mug shot went viral and had talent agencies lining up to sign him to a modeling contract.

But not everyone was impressed.

Meeks faces federal gun possession charges for having a weapon while being a convicted felon. The federal trial scared off the modeling agencies – for now. He inspired the original #FelonCrushFridays and even sparked a petition asking for his release.

Kory faces a single charge of assault for the attack. It is not known if he was also in costume, or why he had the tennis racket, when arrested.

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