What not to do in a corn maze

What Not to Do in a Corn Maze
What Not to Do in a Corn Maze

This time of year, going through your local corn maze can be a lot of fun.

In the daylight, anyway, when you can clearly see where you're going.

At night, though, "A cornfield can be a field of dreams or your worst nightmare if you get lost. A Halloween fright in the dead of night," as KOVR puts it.

So maybe KOVR was a little dramatic there, but seriously -- getting lost in a dark corn maze can be scary. So scary, in fact, that authorities are fielding 911 calls almost every weekend from people who get lost in a corn maze in Dixon, California.

To be fair, the Dixon one is huge. At 63 acres, the Cool Patch Pumpkins maze takes a couple hours to get through.

In fact -- its website calls the maze the world's biggest.

911 calls from people lost in corn mazes happen at smaller ones, too -- and either way, it's not good for authorities.

Take, for example, this warning from local media in Tulsa, Oklahoma: "Officials say when that happens, it prevents the dispatcher from handling actual real emergencies."

Which is kind of a problem, so pro tip: Check out the maze in the daylight before venturing in at night. Or better yet -- if you scare easily, just stick to daytime corn-mazing.

Check out these impressive corn mazes:

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