Take look at 31 awesome photos from October 2014


Welcome to the Halloween edition of AOL.com's photos of the month series.

This month's roundup includes a stunning photograph of a remarkably well-preserved woolly mammoth that was put on display in Moscow this week, Fox News reports. The teenaged beast died nearly 40,000 years ago, but was discovered almost perfectly preserved in Siberian permafrost back in 2010. The creature, which scientists named Yuka, is said to be the best preserved mammoth in the history of paleontology, according to the Associated Press.

Another wild photo is a shot a man in London captured of a squirrel in his backyard who inadvertently got its little head stuck in a miniature jack-o-'lantern. Max Ellis, who snapped the well-timed pic, told The Mirror that the squirrels were on the hunt for nuts when one got a little too inquisitive for its own good.

So, as the calendar turns from October to November, take a look back at the month that was. This edition has a decidedly autumn feel to it, with beautiful shots of fall landscapes, a cat in Manila dressed as Little Red Riding Hood, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat at the World Series.

There are images of nature's raw power like eye-popping sights from Indonesia of Mount Sinabung erupting and the enormous Hurricane Gonzalo as seen from outer space.

And, in case you missed it, be sure to see a jaw-dropping photo of a Blue Angels fighter jet buzzing the Golden Gate Bridge captured by an amateur photographer in California.

Take a few moments to see the world your world as seen through the camera lens.

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