Swedish theme park scares with a ... poster

Swedish Theme Park Pulls Out The Scares With A ... Poster
Swedish Theme Park Pulls Out The Scares With A ... Poster

A billboard prank in Stockholm asks, "Do you dare to look?" but maybe what it should really ask is, "Do you want to have the crap scared out of you?"

It's an ad for a theme park attraction set to open next year in Sweden at Gröna Lund -- and it's creepy.

People run away screaming.

What the ad did was particularly ingenious. It lured people in with a QR code to scan, and as they leaned in to scan the code, a person hidden inside reached through the material.

The attraction will be a haunted house, and it's definitely getting some media attention, even from thousands of miles away.

And it's not the only prank that scaring pedestrians. Matt Light has terrified Marriott visitors as a mannequin. And remember the little stunt LG pulled? Come on, you know you want to laugh.

See the full video:

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