Satanic coloring book under review in Florida school district

School Considers Allowing Distribution of Satanic Coloring Book
School Considers Allowing Distribution of Satanic Coloring Book

Educators in Orange County, Florida, are reviewing a new coloring book before it's placed in schools. It's called "The Satanic Children's Big Book of Activities."

The group leading the charge to get it into schools is the Satanic Temple. The book features children in traditional Satanic rituals, along with pentagram imagery, Cerberus the Dog, and a maze leading to a spell book, the Necronomicon. The book also contains anti-bullying messages.

If the Orange County school district approves the content of the book, it will be legal to distribute it to students. According to district policy, any approved religious material can be distributed to schools.

The policy originally allowed Bible distributions on school grounds, and they're still there. But this set off a barrage of lawsuits by activists for the separation of church and state.

A judge dismissed a recent case in January but left the policy open to grant all religious affiliations the same access -- pending district approval.

Since then, the school board has allowed atheist groups to distribute materials in high schools -- groups that threatened to sue Orange County for violating first amendment rights. A member told WTFV last year, "None of these religious materials should be distributed. None of our materials should be distributed, but want to ensure that if the Bible or any other religious materials are distributed, ours will be there as well."

It seems the Satanic Temple is now joining in to further prove the point. A spokesperson told the Orlando Sentinel earlier this year the coloring books would be placed "as a form of protest" against Bible distribution. The spokesperson said Friday, "They can't simply deny our literature because of its religious viewpoint. If the open forum for distribution goes forward, The Satanic Temple will be there."

No timeline has been given for approving the Satanic materials. The Orange County school board has considered changing its policy on religious materials, but so far, there are no official plans to actually do so.

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