Kanye West surprises a young rapper, Chelsea Handler posts a topless photo & 10 more stories everyone's buzzing about

1. Kanye West surprised a 17-year-old rapper at a New Jersey open mic.

2. Chelsea Handler posts topless pics on Twitter after slamming Instagram for banning them.

3. People are actually dressing as members of ISIS for Halloween.

4. Mothers are boycotting Babies 'R' Us until they stop selling Kardashian Kids collection.

5. J.K. Rowling is serving up a special Halloween story in the Harry Potter world.

6. Katy Perry dressed as a Cheeto, yes a Cheeto, for Halloween.

7. Future Queen of Pop? Blue Ivy was the Michael Jackson to mom's Janet last night.

8. Oops! Google owes a woman $2,250 after her cleavage appeared on Google Street View.

9. "Game of Thrones" stars are getting a huge raise -- but which house makes the most?

10. Swoon! Jake Gyllenhaal reveals his embarrassing but totally adorable childhood Halloween costumes.

11. You can own the "Breakfast at Tiffany's" brownstone -- but it will cost you.

12. Hillary Clinton might return to the cover of Vogue.