Husband of state Senator caught on video allegedly stealing rival signs

Husband of State Senator Caught on Video Allegedly Stealing Rival Signs
Husband of State Senator Caught on Video Allegedly Stealing Rival Signs

Police in Delaware have issued an arrest warrant for the husband of a state senator accused of stealing campaign signs.

Republican Party campaign workers noticed campaign signs had been disappearing from the side of the road. So those workers staked out the area, and they say they found 54-year-old Dana Long removing the signs.

When Long was caught allegedly stealing the signs, he replied, "Hey, don't stop me...There is no name on these signs."

The person confronting him responded: "Yes, they are, look at right here. Right here, 'Property Of The Republican Party.'"

Long is the husband of Democratic state Sen. Bethany Hall-Long. Hall-Long is running for re-election to the seat she's held since 2008.

A WPV reporter asked: "Mr Long, do you have any comment on the charges filed against you sir?"

"Under the advice of counsel, I can't make any comments at this time," Long responded.

Sen. Hall-Long released a statement acknowledging the man in the video was indeed her husband, saying her race had become personal.

"I was not aware that he had allowed his frustration over the campaign attacks to get the better of him. Of course I'm disappointed and wish that it had not happened."

Long reportedly turned himself in to police Thursday morning and was released on $250 unsecured bail. He could face up to a year in prison and a $2,300 fine if convicted.

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