'Biggest Loser': Widower Woody resists temptation in Las Vegas

'The Biggest Loser:' Grieving Widower Resists Temptation And Saves His Team
'The Biggest Loser:' Grieving Widower Resists Temptation And Saves His Team

On "The Biggest Loser," a grieving husband was able to resist some big temptations to help bring his team to victory and keep a promise to his late wife to stay healthy. During their eighth week on the ranch, the White Team was put to the ultimate test: spend an entire week in Las Vegas without their trainer, Jen.

It would be a tough for anyone to stick to their weight loss goals in Sin City, but it was especially challenging for Howard "Woody" Carter, who blew up to 415 while he was living in Vegas.

And on top of that, Woody was also dealing with a very sad anniversary -- his wife had died from cancer nine months before, and this week is their 29th wedding anniversary.

Woody explained, "Only if I had another day, another week, you know what I'm saying? That's something you never get back. You'll never get a chance to tell her you love her."

Jen was worried Woody wouldn't be able to resist all the temptations Vegas has to offer.

But when the White Team got to the weigh-in at the end of the week, Woody was able to lose 7 pounds while in Las Vegas and save his teammates from elimination, bringing his total weight loss to 63 pounds.

"I made a promise to my wife, man. And, we all gonna be here another week to help us go through that, man, and it just feels amazing."

Fans on Twitter were so happy for Woody and his big accomplishment. And we're sure his late wife would have been very proud as well.

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