Base jumper gets stuck in wires while jumping off TV tower

Base Jumper Gets Stuck In Wires While Jumping Off TV Tower
Base Jumper Gets Stuck In Wires While Jumping Off TV Tower

A base jumper attempted to jump off a local news station's TV tower in St. Louis, Missouri, but got a little tangled up in the process.

The man ended up hanging at least 125 feet in the air off KETC's tower for around two hours before he could be rescued.

Another local St. Louis station, KTVI, reported he got stuck Thursday night around 9:45.

According to NBC, firefighters ended up having to climb the tower and hand the man a knife so he could cut himself out of the wires.

A St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter who was on the scene tweeted that the man was able to walk to an ambulance after he was lowered to the ground.

Not surprisingly, this jumper might face some legal trouble.

Base jumping isn't allowed everywhere. For example, the state of West Virginia allows people to jump off the New River Gorge Bridge on just one day each year.

According to a website dedicated to base jumping, if jumpers are caught in areas they aren't supposed to be they can face "misdemeanor trespassing charges, and often a reckless endangerment charge since getting to most sites involves trespassing and possible endangering people below."

KMOV spoke with the local fire chief, Brian Hendrix, who was frustrated about that last point:

"For people to do things such as this and put our people in harm's way is disturbing. It bothers us. ... It's nervewracking. And it is upsetting. But ... it all worked out tonight."

As of Friday morning, the jumper has not been charged with anything.

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