10 most creative things to do with your extra Daylight Saving Time hour

10 Most Creative Things to Do With Your Extra Daylight Savings Hour
10 Most Creative Things to Do With Your Extra Daylight Savings Hour

Thanks to Daylight Saving Time we gain one more glorious hour in our day. Now of course you can sleep for those extra 60 seconds, but we've found 10 much more creative uses for your precious time.

In one hour, you can ....

... Board a plane in Los Angeles, California, and be sipping margaritas in the hot son of Tijuana, Mexico. The flight clocks in at 45 minutes so you even have time to check your luggage (but good luck trying to find a direct flight).

... Attend six Las Vegas weddings. According to the famous Little White Wedding Chapel, ceremonies last about 10 minutes each. We're guessing that annulments might take a smidge longer.

... Ride Space Mountain at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, 24 times. That's a whole lot of loops, twists and drops, so bring a barf bag.

... Get super soft, fancy hands by giving yourself a One Minute Manicure 60 times.

... Nicki Minaj's Anaconda video about 12.423 times. That's 12.423 times the gravity defying twerking that's already mesmerized our nation.

... Brew 20 pots of delicious, fancy French press coffee -- if you're brewing at three minutes a pot.

... Make 360 Totinos Pizza Rolls (if you cook the recommended six at a time). Don't forget to let each batch cool for the necessary two minutes, lest you get piping hot cheese all over your face.

... Roast a 4-lb. chicken in the Ronco Rotisserie, which is a great use of your excess hour because, as Ron Popeil tells us, you just 'set it and forget it!'

... Use your time to get fit and run 27.44 miles, if you happen to be as fast as Usain Bolt in his prime.

... Achieve the coveted 8-Minute Abs seven-and-a-half times. At that rate, you'll have 45-pack abs).

Now, we know these are 10 fantastic uses of your time, but let's be honest ... you'll probably spend your extra hour snoozing away. Slackers.

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