Teen wins $4 million lottery jackpot, calls it 'best birthday present ever'

Teen Receives Lotto Ticket For Her Birthday, Wins $4M
Teen Receives Lotto Ticket For Her Birthday, Wins $4M

It's safe to say this was a birthday to remember for 19-year-old Deisi Ocampo.

Ocampo received something better than a new car or a giant birthday cake on her 19th. She got $4 million! Ocampo's father bought her a lottery ticket as a gift, and when she scratched it off, it turned out to be the jackpot.

Ocampo told lottery officials, "It turned out to be the best birthday present ever!"

Ocampo says she scratched off the two tickets Oct. 7. She didn't win anything on the first one. The second one, however, was the $4 million winner.

According to WMAQ, Ocampo couldn't believe it and worked at her job the entire day without telling anyone. But when she got home, she let her parents know.

Ocampo plans to spending the money on her college tuition, pursuing her dream of being a nurse and buying her family a new house. Ocampo's story brings to mind other young lottery winners.

In 2008, Jay Vargas, another 19-year-old lottery winner, struck big with a $35 million winning. He then spent a chunk of that money on new cars and creating a TV show called "Wrestlicious." He eventually got out of the business and has maintained a portion of his winnings.

At just age 16, Callie Rogers of the U.K. won £1.9 million, or roughly $3 million in U.S. dollars. Six years later, though, and she's reportedly lost most of that fortune by spending it on high-end merchandise and partying.

We wish Ocampo the best and hope she spends her money wisely.

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