'Late Show:' Jim Carrey does his hilarious Matthew McConaughey impression

'Late Show:' Jim Carrey Does His Hilarious Matthew McConaughey Impression

On the "Late Show," David Letterman challenged Jim Carrey to do his best Matthew McConaughey impression. And he totally nailed it.

"Oh no, it's real simple, Dave. It's real simple. All I gotta do let go of the illusion that I exist."

Dave said Matt Damon was the only person he knew who could do a great McConaughey.

But we think it's safe to say Jim blew him out of the water with that one.

And if you're still not convinced, you obviously haven't seen Jim's amazing spoof of Matthew's Lincoln car commercialduring his appearance on Saturday Night Live last week.

"My agent was like, 'I can understand if you did this right after The Lincoln Lawyer. That would have made sense. But you don't buy a Lincoln cause it makes sense."

Hollywood Life said Jim's SNL impression was so spot on and that he should get a role in the second "Magic Mike" movie - well, "as long as he keeps his shirt on."

And fans on Twitter were loving Jim's newest attempt for Dave as well as the rest of his appearance on "The Late Show."

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