Dad delivers epic, embarrassing punishment to daughter caught dating older boy

Dad Delivers Epicly Embarrassing Punishment To Daughter Caught Dating Older
Dad Delivers Epicly Embarrassing Punishment To Daughter Caught Dating Older

Lots of parents have rules about when their kids can start dating and how those same kids are allowed to use or not use social media. And of course, kids do anything in their power to break those rules.

Breaking rules has consequences if you're caught and one father in Louisville, Kentucky, got creative with punishment when he caught his 5th grader posing on social media as a teenager and with a boyfriend.

Instead of flying off the handle and grounding his 10-year-old daughter, Kevin Jones made sure no one could confuse her for a 15, 16 or 17-year-old again.

Jones' daughter was forced to age herself with a t-shirt that says she's just 10, a cartoon backpack, pink sneakers and little girl barrettes.

In the caption of the photos which were posted on Facebook, Jones explains that his daughter created several social media accounts pretending to be years older than she is and was dating an older boy -- two things her father says are clearly against the rules.

So far, over 250,000 people have liked the post and it's been shared almost 90,000 times. Many people are commenting on the photos in support of the father, but some are concerned it might be too embarrassing for a young girl to handle.

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