Creepy London house is melting away

Creepy London House Is Melting Away
Creepy London House Is Melting Away

We all know that one creepy old house in your area that always seems to be a bit more dilapidated every time you go past it, but in London, this house is actually melting away.

Now this isn't a real house, it's actually an art installation for London's Merge Festival.

It's called 'A Pound of Flesh for 50P.' Artist Alex Chinneck worked with chemists and engineers over the course of a year to develop bricks out of paraffin wax that were both visually convincing and that would give just the right effect when melted.

They then made 8,000 of the bricks along with wax windows, shutters and door, and built the two-story house out of them on the site of a former candle factory to pay tribute to the area's heritage, and maybe, considering the house is melting over Halloween, for a little haunted house effect?

The installation went up in September and the melting has been controlled by heaters ever since, with the house set to be completely reduced to a roof sitting on top of a giant wax pile by mid-November.

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