'Chevy Guy' steals the show at World Series MVP trophy presentation



The San Francisco Giants won their third World Series in five years Wednesday night, but an unexpected person stole the show.

Chevrolet marketing executive Rikk Wilde's bizarre presentation of the MVP trophy and brand new pickup truck took social media by storm as #ChevyGuy began trending worldwide on Twitter.

Wilde appeared to be a little nervous when first on camera, but looked like he'd grind his way through the appearance the way Bumgarner gutted his way through Game 7 on only two days rest.

He was stumbling over his words but getting the point across and looked to be okay until outgoing Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig began feigning his exasperation with the whole scene.

Poor Wilde began stuttering as Selig started looking off camera and even playing with his hair. Wilde glanced in Selig's direction after again looking down at a note card, the commish was not helping.

The televised feed from Fox immediately cut to the 2015 Chevy Colorado pickup awarded to the winner of the MVP trophy.

"It combines class-winning, leading, you know, technology and stuff, with, uh, WiFi powered by OnStar – it's up there on the screen," Wilde said to off-camera laughter.

Wilde then awkwardly pulled a set of keys out of his pocket, handed them to the star pitcher and was quickly hustled out of the way.

Comparisons were immediately made online to both outgoing Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and Saturday Night Live star Chris Farley.

Take a look at the scene from Game 7 of the World Series:

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