Video shows two bears fighting in New Jersey neighborhood

Two Black Bears Fight in Front Yard


Two bears fought in a rural New Jersey neighborhood, and a brave bystander caught all the exciting action.

The video was uploaded to YouTube this week, but the brawl took place on August 14, according to the video's description.

The animals duked it out in Rockaway, about one hour northwest of Manhattan.

Both bears begin fighting on the front lawn of one home before rolling down a short hill into the street.

The biting, roaring and wrestling continued in the street while a motorist slowly drove past.

The shaky video lasts just over six minutes.

Video of another bear walking upright through a rural New Jersey neighborhood startled many people when it surfaced this summer.

The animal eerily walked on two legs like a human being while looking for food.

No humans were harmed in the making of either movie.

Bear Returns to New Jersey Garden on Its Hind Legs

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