UPS driver caught carelessly rolling package

UPS Driver Gives New Meaning to 'Roll Out'
UPS Driver Gives New Meaning to 'Roll Out'

Here's another of those "delivery driver being careless with a package" videos -- but this one stands out because of the package's price tag.

The contents of that box are worth $12,000, according to its sender. As you can see in this surveillance video, the driver rolls the box -- he doesn't use a dolly or a cart.

The man who sent the package told WABC that it's a sensitive piece of equipment used to measure pressure inside pipelines, and said he was "shocked" by the video, which a receptionist showed him.

UPS has apologized and said it will be taking "corrective action" with the driver.

Now, Fox News calls this "very strange behavior."

Is it thought? It feels like we see these stories every few months.

Remember the video in July of a UPS driver in Seattle throwing and kicking packages out of his truck?

It's not just UPS -- in December a FedEx driver was caught throwing a package at a home. He was fired.

There's even a website where you can not only see lots of these careless cartings -- but you can also get help.

Don' features videos and even advice on how to file a claim with delivery companies. It "was born in an effort to showcase, reveal and rectify the modern-day mishandling of human-delivered packages."

Well, if you want to be even more appalled, you can see that UPS driver get even rougher with that latest package in the full video at

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