Student wins $10,000 toward tuition after sinking basketball shots

Bryan College Soccer Player Sinks Basketball Shots for $10K
Bryan College Soccer Player Sinks Basketball Shots for $10K

There's the traditional way of getting money for college -- scholarship applications, begging your parents, signing the dotted line on student loans. And then, there's this way: With $10,000 on the line, Bryan College student Gustavo Angel Tamayo -- a soccer player, mind you -- hit a layup, free-throw, three pointer and then a half-court shot Monday night.

And he says he did it all with a broken finger, no less!

The feat earned him "Best Person In Sports" honors from Fox Sports, noting, "He'd never played basketball before."

He told NBC: "My mom started crying, dad was overwhelmed. Right now it's a great blessing, right now in the situation we're in."

The $10,000 was supposed to go towards his tuition, but the Chattanooga Times Free Press reports Tamayo's tuition is paid and that he's all for spreading the love. He told the outlet, "Everyone wants a piece of the pie, so I guess I'm just going to hand out $1 bills."

Despite his 100 percent shooting percentage in basketball, Tamayo will be sticking with soccer and hopes to go pro. You can check out the full video on Bryan College's Facebook page.

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