Shockwave stuns spectators watching Antares rocket explosion

Unmanned NASA Rocket Explodes Seconds After Lift-Off
Unmanned NASA Rocket Explodes Seconds After Lift-Off


New video has emerged of the impressive sights and sounds spectators experienced as they watched Tuesday evening's disastrous launch of a NASA contractor's unmanned Antares rocket.

The Orbital Sciences Corp.'s supply rocket was beginning its journey to the International Space Station when it unexpectedly erupted in a massive blaze, injuring no one but creating an even more stunning show for those who came out to see the launch. In video captured near the facility in Wallops Island, Virginia where the explosion occurred, people can be heard yelling in awe as they see the fiery ball grow. Seconds later the shockwave sweeps across the crowd, inspiring terrified screams and gasps.

The owners of the commercial supply ship vowed to determine the cause of the failed launch, and also warned that because the delivery ship carried hazardous materials, local residents should avoid any debris they might come across.

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