How Taylor Swift met her newest BFF, Lena Dunham

How Taylor Swift Met Her Newest BFF, Lena Dunham
How Taylor Swift Met Her Newest BFF, Lena Dunham

On the "Late Show," Taylor Swift revealed how she met her newest BFF, Lena Dunham.

"I, like, Googled her, and went to her Twitter, and the first thing I saw was her quoting my lyrics. And she direct messaged me and she said, 'We need to be best friends.'"

At first, Taylor thought the "Girls" star was quoting her lyrics to make fun of her. But it turns out, she was actually just showing T-Swift some love. Taylor told David Letterman they've been best friends ever since.

The "Shake It Off" singer said one of the things she loves most about Lena is how talented and empowering she is.

Lena respects Taylor for her work, too. After one of her concerts in 2013, the actress tweeted,
"The Taylor Swift show tonight = the most life-affirming thing I've ever experienced."

In fact, Lena was one of the many celebs who praised Taylor's newest album, "1989," which dropped on Oct. 27. You can buy it online or in stores now.

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