Halloween light show back on after police shut it down

Halloween Light Show Back On After Police Shut It Down
Halloween Light Show Back On After Police Shut It Down

There's been a whole lot of drama in a Riverside, California, neighborhood this week -- and it's all surrounding one home that puts on a massive light and music display to celebrate Halloween.

Lynn Berry for HLN reports: "A homeowner set up 12,000 lights. It was synchronized to music. It is awesome. ... It attracted big crowds. Cops had to shut it down for a second time on Sunday because neighbors did complain a little bit about the noise."

KCBS talked to one of those concerned neighbors, who was also upset about where people watching the light show were parking:

"The show was awesome. He did a really good job laying it out. ... With all the people that showed up, there were so many people, cars. The disrespect that the people who were coming here. Parking in no-parking zones."

Police told Kevin Judd, the man behind the show, that the lights and music had to remain off because he was violating a noise ordinance.

Judd told The Press Enterprise: "It's really disappointing. Screaming moms and dads (during ballgames at the park) are louder than our shows."

Judd set up the light and music show to run for half an hour each night, with three half-hour shows on Saturday -- and the music used is definitely bass-heavy, including songs like Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It."

It's clear that Riverside's noise ordinance was violated.

The ordinance states it's unlawful to make "excessive or offensive noise which causes discomfort or annoyance to reasonable persons of normal sensitivity." For the 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. hours, it defines a noise disturbance as sound that can be heard from 50 feet away from the source.

Officers did say the the show could continue if the homeowners acquired block party permits. So, that's exactly what the homeowners did.

Councilman Paul Davis says, "It allows him to shut down the block and make it safe from one point to another."

Tony Shin for KNBC also reports that the permit is more lenient on loud noise up until 10 p.m.

With this permit, the light show will keep playing until Halloween. If you're in the Riverside area, check out the the homeowner's Facebook page to see when and where you can catch the show.

Take a closer look at the impressive show below:

Credit: YouTube/California Through My Lens

While you're at it, check out some more wild Halloween decorations:

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