Daniel Radcliffe raps perfectly on the 'Tonight Show'

WATCH: Daniel Radcliffe Raps Perfectly On The 'Tonight Show'
WATCH: Daniel Radcliffe Raps Perfectly On The 'Tonight Show'

Now, we all know Daniel Radcliffe is an amazing actor. But during his appearance on the "Tonight Show," we learned he's an even better rapper.

"Artificial amateurs aren't at all amazing. Analytically, I assault, animate things. Broken barriers bounded by the bomb beat. Buildings are broken, basically I'm bombarding. Casually create catastrophes, casualties."

Yes, Daniel performed Blackalicious's tongue-twisting hit, "Alphabet Aerobics," PERFECTLY, and all from memory.

Who knew Harry Potter could lay down some rhymes?! He told Jimmy Fallon he gets his inspiration from rappers like Eminem and Britain's Plan B.

The "Tonight Show" audience was very impressed with Daniel's rapping skills, giving him a standing ovation after the performance.

And media outlets were just as impressed.

The Hollywood Reporter called the rap "a flawless victory."

And Uproxx wondered if this explains how he was able to say all of those complicated magic spell names so easily. It's wingardium leviosaaa, not wingardium leviosa.

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