Baby goat says 'what?! what?!' and wins the Internet

Baby Goat Says 'What What'
Baby Goat Says 'What What'

This adorable little goat doesn't have the biggest vocabulary, but he has managed to master the word 'what.'

Yep, this video really is one minute and four seconds of a goat saying 'what' -- but trust us, it's worth a watch. (Good luck getting the strange little noise out of your head, though.)

By now, goats becoming memes is nothing new. Remember when goat screaming took over the web?

This little guy bleating with all his might just about melted our hearts, and this friend interrupted a Taylor Swift song in the most hilarious and slightly unnerving way. Oh, and how about when Usher got a backup singer on 'Yeah!' that he never asked for? And then of course there was 'Let It Goat' -- a song you won't find on the 'Frozen' soundtrack.

Get your goat on:

Popular Songs Redone With Screaming Goats
Popular Songs Redone With Screaming Goats

Let It Goat!  Goat Version of Disney's 'Let It Go'
Let It Goat! Goat Version of Disney's 'Let It Go'

And don't forget about this sheep ...

The Screaming Sheep Returns
The Screaming Sheep Returns

Does your pet ever sound totally human? Share your stories in the comments.

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