'19 Kids And Counting:' Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard's wedding day

'19 Kids and Counting': The First Kiss
'19 Kids and Counting': The First Kiss

On "19 Kids and Counting," we finally got to see Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard tie the knot ... and share their very first kiss.

Derick later said his favorite part of the June 21st ceremony was that long-awaited kiss -- and it was pretty adorable to watch them try to figure out the smooch.

They didn't quite hit the mark at first (Jill sort of jumps into his face), but after a little re-adjusting, they got it just right. Momma Duggar probably put it best when she said that Jill was 'enthusiastic.'

Not kissing -- or engaging in any form of intimate behavior -- was part of Jill and Derick's courtship standards. In fact, the pair didn't even hold hands until they got engaged.

There was one tradition Jill and Derick broke, though. As Brides.com pointed out, the couple decided to see each other before the wedding ceremony.

PEOPLE reports that Jill and Derick decided on a 'covenant marriage,' which means that the couple agrees up front that they will undergo marriage counseling before seeking a divorce.

After the wedding, the newlyweds finally got to spend some time alone without any chaperones. It was the first time they were in the same room, just the two of them, since they began courting.

Speaking of which, the happy newlyweds are already expecting their first child, a baby boy. They shared the happy news of their pregnancy two months after walking down the aisle, PEOPLE reports.

After Jill revealed the big news, rumors swirled that perhaps the couple had premarital sex: 90 days after her wedding, Jill posted an Instagram shot that said she was 13 weeks and one day along. That's 93 days.

However, "the counting begins with the first day of your last normal menstrual period before you got pregnant. In other words, the counting begins about two weeks before you have even conceived," JustMommies.com explained to E!.

According to NBC, Jill and Derick plan to not have a set "family letter" for their future children like their parents did - each of the Duggar children have names that start with "J."

That's probably a good thing, since the Duggars might already have a claim on every "J" name known to man.

Watch Jill and Derick reveal their baby's gender below:

'19 Kids and Counting': It's a Boy
'19 Kids and Counting': It's a Boy

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