The Everyday Super Momma: Healthy Halloween

The Everyday Super Momma: Healthy Halloween
The Everyday Super Momma: Healthy Halloween

Lifestyle expert Molly Sims knows how to keep Halloween spooky, while making it a little less scary for your and your child's health. She shares five tips for a healthier Halloween and an adorable Halloween veggie skeleton appetizer (find out what you need to make it below).

Molly's secrets to a healthier Halloween:

  1. Feed your child a healthy meal before trick or treating.

  2. Make sure your child's loot bag isn't too big.

  3. The Switch Witch: Offer a special gift to your child in place of the candy they've collected.

  4. Teach your kids moderation. Consider allowing a certain amount of candy each night.

  5. Skip the candy! Instead, offer Halloween pencils, glow in the dark tattoos, etc.

How to make a veggie skeleton:

What you'll need:


  1. Start with a bowl of ranch placed on a plate (the head).

  2. On that same plate, make a line of sliced cucumbers (the body).

  3. Make arms with a mixture of red and orange pepper slices.

  4. Add mushrooms at the bottom.

  5. Make the legs out of celery.

  6. Use a few olives to make each foot.

  7. Add endive leaves to the top rim of your ranch dressing bowl (the hair).

  8. Add two sliced olives for the eyes and a sliver of pepper for a mouth to the ranch dressing.

  9. Sprinkle with plastic spider rings.

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