Man fails miserably trying to back out of parking space

VIRAL: This Man Is Really Bad at Parking
VIRAL: This Man Is Really Bad at Parking

A male driver in China was caught on surveillance video trying and trying and trying again to park.

Amy Robach reported on ABC: "This surveillance video shows a driver struggling to back out of a parking space ... I mean, c'mon! ... He tried 15 times."

Al Roker adds on NBC: "Takes him 10 minutes, and along the way, he smacks the guy next to him."

Hit and run. We don't know the real name of the man in the video, or if he knows he should be really embarrassed by how many people have seen the video.

While we're just seeing the footage, NineMSN says it happened October 6, and the bad driver was actually caught. They also mention that he may be China's "worst driver."

South China Morning Post says the man has been dubbed "reverse brother" by Chinese Internet users. We're trying not to laugh.

"Many surprised commenters have wondered how the the man, a new driver of only two months, had ever passed a driving test in the first place."

Police have reportedly suspended the man's license.

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