Cleveland Cavaliers debut largest scoreboard in NBA this week


The Cleveland Cavaliers have a new-look team and are set to debut the largest scoreboard in the NBA this week when their season tips off.

NBA fans have been waiting for opening night, which tips off later this evening, but Cleveland Cavaliers fans will have to wait until tomorrow for their season to officially begin. But when the season does tipoff at Quicken Loans Arena, with the New York Knicks coming to town, the debut of the largest scoreboard in the NBA will be upon us.

As reminds us, the Cleveland Cavaliers will be debuting the largest and most balls-out amazing scoreboard in the NBA this week.

This is a big deal - no pun intended - for a number of reasons. It not only means the Cavaliers will have the largest scoreboard in the NBA but it helps to signify just how relevant the Cavaliers have become once again now that LeBron James is back in town.

Cleveland is literally coming back with a bang, as the scoreboard is pretty ridiculous but in a way that Kim Kardashian's ass is ridiculous. It doesn't need to be that big, but let's not complain about the fact that it is. That's the Cleveland Cavaliers new scoreboard, and as much as people will want to hate on everything about it - including the epic flaming sabers - it's only going to get more popular as the Cavaliers continue to get better.

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