Ted Williams talks financial struggles after fame

'Man With The Golden Voice' Still Struggling Financially
'Man With The Golden Voice' Still Struggling Financially

Turns out Ted Williams, known by many as "the man with the golden voice," is still struggling financially after his smooth radio tone gained him nationwide recognition three years ago. The "Today" show checked in with him Monday.

Williams told NBC: "One day I'm homeless with not two pennies to rub together, and then the next day I'm in Hollywood."

Williams shot to fame in 2011 after an Ohio videographer spotted him asking for money along the side of the road. At the time, Williams had been carrying a sign saying he had "the God-given gift of a great voice." Soon after, he signed with an agent and started receiving contracts for voiceover work -- including a deal with Kraft Foods. Williams also received a six-figure advance for his biography, which was published in 2012.

But NBC reports it hasn't been all smooth sailing for Williams since being discovered: "There was depression, Williams says. Along with bad business deals and failed attempts at rehab."

Williams, who is now 22 months sober, ended up losing his car and his condo.

The Columbus Dispatch reports he now lives in an apartment but owns no furniture. Williams says, "Financially, I'm a little under the weather, I have to tell you. A lot of things I signed early on in 2011, I shouldn't have signed."

This is a far cry from the Williams who told Fox News about all the voiceover projects he was working on back in March.

Currently, Williams is working with a new manager and keeping busy with his contract with Kraft and a few other agreements.

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