Sign language interpreter steals spotlight at Ebola conference

Sign Language Interpreter Steals Spotlight At Ebola Conference
Sign Language Interpreter Steals Spotlight At Ebola Conference

A recent press conference addressing New York City's first Ebola case got much more attention than expected - but not for the reasons you might think.

While New York Mayor Bill De Blasio and health officials were talking about the virus that has infected more than 10,000 people, the main focus was on the animated sign language interpreter.

Twitter users picked up on the spirited signer within minutes and coined the hashtag #EbolaMan. Some thanked him for his enthusiasm and called him 'hilarious' and 'captivating.' Others pointed out just how distracting he was and even suspected he might be a fake.

Which has happened before. Last year, a man posing as an interpreter made fake gestures during Nelson Mandela's funeral - an event attended by 95,000 people and watched by millions.

So far, this guy seems like the real deal.

Watch Mandela's fake interpreter try to explain his errors:

Mandela Event Interpreter Was 'Hallucinating'
Mandela Event Interpreter Was 'Hallucinating'

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