Reporter forgets to turn off microphone, calls anchor fat on air

Reporter Forgets To Turn Off Microphone, Calls Anchor Fat On Air
Reporter Forgets To Turn Off Microphone, Calls Anchor Fat On Air

KTLA traffic reporter Ginger Chan turned a private joke into a public one during a microphone flub in the middle of a live broadcast.

It all started out innocently enough. Sam Rubin was sharing a story about when his wife said, "When did you become the fat guy on that show?" (Sure, that's not so nice to begin with, but it was all in good fun and the whole news room was laughing.)

Everyone cracked up and assured him that he's not ... except Ginger. From her spot at the traffic desk, she said: "He's always been!'"

She had no clue her mic was on, and when she realized her mistake she started to shout and immediately put her head in her hands.

Rubin was a good sport about it, though we're pretty sure poor Ginger will never live this down.

The Daily Mail reminds us that Rubin is no stranger to accidents on air, either. After all, he called Samuel L. Jackson 'Lawrence Fishburne' during an infamous interview in February.

Here's that groan-worthy moment again, if you can stand it:

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