Haley Joel Osment's grown up new role in 'Sex Ed'

Haley Joel Osment's grown up new role in 'Sex Ed'

It's been 15 years since Haley Joel Osment uttered the words, "I see dead people" in "The Sixth Sense," and earned himself an Oscar nod.

But it seems like the former child star is officially ready to put his breakout role behind him.

The longtime thespian, now 26, is making his big screen comeback in a very adult role, which will show off his mature side and comic chops.

Osment is set to star in "Sex Ed," where he'll play Eddie, a hopeful teacher who has no romantic experience, but lands his first gig at an inner-city middle school teaching kids about sex ed.

The film is a lighthearted look at Eddie's life as he maneuvers his first job and earnestly learns about the trials and tribulations of love and lust. The zany comedy also stars comedy veterans Abby Elliott and Laura Harring.

"Sex Ed" hits theaters November 7.

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